About Us

In 2016, I was strong-minded to deep dive into a small business and take my own control, give a personal touch, and own and deliver a true sense of customer service where…

  • Customers feel valuable and their shopping experience is memorable
  • Going beyond for the customers happiness is priority over the cash register
  • Customers are guided to buy the things they need
  • Processes and systems are instituted through a practical approach

During my extensive association as an employee and customer at various giant retailers, I felt that customers and employees are just a number for the conglomerates. I also experienced that customer satisfaction/service are just a corporate paper policy that are not fully internalized at grass roots and high volume is the main focus. My experience played catalyst role to my determination of owing business.  

My journey begun with a search for a product that is proved to be essential for every home and I could stand behind on its reliability. My search ended in November 2017 by acquiring Milton Vacuum, a BEAM central vacuum exclusive dealer serving Halton region since 2007. Vacuum is one of the product where I can serve many homes through sells, service, installation, parts and accessories. 

BEAM (Canadian manufacturer since 2019) is a trusted central vacuum brand celebrating 60 years on manufacturing world class Central Vacuum Systems. The company has an extensive dealer network that focuses on providing sales and service support to customers.

I went through extensive product features, training to learn and develop my ability to serve customers. I realized through customer conversations and feedback that I needed to expand my options to satisfy variety of vacuum needs.

The voice of my customer led me to add two more best in class products lines to my offerings.

Miele Vacuums – They demonstrate their high quality not only in own strict in-house quality tests. The quality and reliability of Miele also receive frequent accolades in independent product tests. Since 2005 alone, Miele vacuum cleaners have been voted winners more than 60 times in consumer tests worldwide.

HENRY vacuums – Are Built to last. Over the last 40 years more than 10 million Henrys were made, and most of them are still in use today. Henry is Independently rated as the U. K’s most reliable vacuum brand.

I also added diversity by adding Vesta range hoods to my product line

Vesta Range Hoods - Powerful high CFM units, designed with high quality material and a durable motor that does an excellent job to remove cooking smell. 

Milton Vacuum services everything whether we sell it or not, which is reflected by our motto. “Selling the Best and Servicing the Rest!” We help in selecting the right products and recommending the best tailored to your need. We also carry most brand vacuum accessories like Bags, filters, hoses, floor brush etc.

Next steps:

Milton Vacuum’s journey is continuing from only in-store retail store to now both online and in-store selling. Depending on schedule and location, our customers can now buy best in class products by

  • Ordering online using www.miltonvacuumplus.com and various payment options.
  • Order over phone by calling (905) 864-3050
  • Walk in to my store and buy in person - Unit 8, 550 Ontario St S, Milton, ON

 Our competitive Price:

 In addition to best in class customer service we offer the most competitive prices. We strive to be fully aware of the latest advertised prices and offer better than the best prices in the market. 

Welcome to the Milton Vacuum where you can buy quality Central Vacuum, Portable Vacuums, Range hood, Vacuum parts with confidence. Our prices are competitive and service is priceless.