Beam Classic SC275D 000321 with 30' ProPath kit

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Beam SC275D with 30' Propath Kit:

Beam SC275D:

This unit features a high performance, 2-stage motor to give maximum cleaning power. Combined with Beam’s other quality features, this model is an excellent value. 


  • 650 air watts
  • Efficient 2-stage, 5.7″ Motor
  • Utility inlet on front of unit
  • ECS Board
  • Soft start motor for increased life.
  • Gore Technologies™ HEPA CleanStream™ self cleaning filter
  • Bag less easy twist off receptacle.
  • 15 liter receptacle
  • Sound level: 74.1 dBA (EST)
  • Cleans home up to 7000 square feet bungalow or 4000 square feet multi story home 

Pro Path Hose Set includes 30' crush proof hose set, Pro path power head with quick release wand, floor brush with extendable wand, attachments, hose rack and tool bag.

  • 30' crush proof hose with 3 ways switch
  • Power head has 4 height adjustments
  • Neck Turns and easy to navigate
  • Propath Electric kit works for house with wall to wall carpet and hard surfaces.